Contents Inventory Services

Butler Adjusting:
Contents Loss Adjustment

With the attention being focused on structural damage and emergency expenses, the damage to contents is frequently a neglected component of an insurance loss. However, these items often mean the world to the policyholder. For many, their personal belongings tell the story of their life and have great sentimental value.

At the same time, the value of contents damaged in a loss can be the largest component of a claim. The specific value of each item can vary greatly depending on many factors such as brand, size, features, quality, age and condition (these are critical in establishing the correct replacement cost and actual cash value, and determining whether an item is cost effective to restore).

The handling of a contents loss is exactly where genuine customer service and close interaction with the policyholder become critical. Butler Adjusting has experienced and skilled adjusters and contents specialists standing by to respond to contents losses of any size.

Butler Adjusting:
Contents Damage Evaluation

It is critical to properly evaluate contents damage and initiate the correct restoration process. It is also important to determine if it is cost effective to restore affected items. Often the cost to pack out, clean, store and pack back an item may be more costly than actual replacement. We work with contents restoration vendors and the policyholder to ensure correct decisions are made to protect and restore personal property in the most appropriate and cost-effective manner.

Butler Adjusting:
Total Loss Contents Inventory and Valuation

Often a policyholder or their contractor attempts to prepare an inventory of the total loss contents. However, this frequently results in inventories which are undocumented, inaccurate or lacking in sufficient detail to properly value the items. This frequently results in claim disputes and inaccurate claim payments. To ensure an accurate claim settlement, contents which are not restorable must be properly inventoried and accurately valued. Butler Adjusting’s contents team will inspect, inventory and photograph each total loss item to establish and document the exact quantity and quality of the damaged property. Our experienced staff understands that proper documentation of the brand, size, quality and features of each item is needed (or required) to determine an accurate replacement cost.

We work directly at the loss site, with the insured whenever possible, to create a timely and accurate list that is confirmed and agreed upon.

Understanding special limits of insurance for certain personal property limits, exclusions and endorsements, we will organize the total loss inventory in a manner that will conform to the insurance carrier’s coverages and procedures.

We are able to individualize the scope of each claim assignment and tailor our services to your needs and procedures. Our experienced and compassionate staff are standing by to assist you with any size contents loss.